It was Hearts and Hooves Day. Red had the day off from school so he can hang out with his girlfriend, Day. "Day. Since it is Hearts and Hooves Day, why don't we go pick gifts out for each other?" Red said. "Yes, that sounds perfect" Day replied. Soon they went out to buy gifts for each other. Red stopped by a candy shop where they had chocolate boxes and he picked one out for Day. While Day on the other hoof, went to a toy store and bought the Sweetheart collection of shopkins. After they finished shopping they returned to their home; Day Dream's Pizza. Sugar was making a big cupcake for Day. Day and Red watched a movie in Red's room while Sugar was baking. "Remember the gifts?" Red asked. "I got you a gift I bet you'll love" Day replied. "Shopkins?!" Red said guessing. Day giggled and gave Red the Sweetheart collection of shopkins. Red looked at it and smiled. "Do you know what I got you?" Red asked. "Hmm... Cake? Cookies? Chocolate? ooh toys?" Day replied. Red gives the chocolate box to Day. "CHOCOLATE!!" Day got real excited after seeing the chocolate. Day and Red then hugged. Day and Red then continued watching the movie.